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Go golfing in France

Are you into golf? Do you like to get together with the whole family or with your friends to be able to do some golfing one whole week? Well, this is the dream for many and is not always achievable. So may I suggest you to go to France and do some golfing there and thereby be able to enjoy the real life of France. Golf in Brittany is not so expensive and it is not a problem to get to know who, what or when is the time to start or end the round because few people go ...

A present to grandmother

I've just bought a new crystal chandelier for the living room. It looks really nice actually. I bought it from a company called krebs. I'm thinking of buying another one and give it to my grandmother. She really likes the crystal chandeliers. I think they are kind of retro and doesn't fit all homes. But it sure fits in her home. I think she would be really happy if she got one. Maybe I'll give her mine first and see if she likes it. I'm going to think about it overnight.

It will give me a calm feeling.

It is such a lovely morning. The children are sitting in front of the television with some bread for breakfast. It is not that they always eat there breakfast in front of the television. Today it is like this because I want to do some work before I have to bring them to school. It is quite busy at my work and today we will have some customers who wants to know everything about polarization modulator. I have to prepare some things in advance and I want that to do early in the morning. It will give me a calm ...